Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Why is there NO dislike button on Facebook ? ...

Seems like every time I go to a site anymore a company or service or app asks me to " like " them on Facebook.

I don't a lot of times because I resent every company trying to make ME a shill for their product.

But I wonder why there isn't a DISLIKE button on Facebook as well ?

After all, I may not like your opinion on my page and there seems to be no way to remove it once its posted yet I have no say in it.

Nor do I get to say I don't like something except by posting it as a comment.

Is this some kind of " fairness " issue ?

I will admit I don't use Facebook as much as some do, because I spend a lot of time posting on other sites and other Facebook pages other than my own.

But it is something I wonder about.

I'd also like someone to tell me how to delete all of the " friend " requests I get.

Who ARE some of these people anyway and WHY do they want and seemingly NEED to be my friend ?

I don't get it.


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