Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Where are the rider's representatives in transit strike negotiations ? Transit unions and strikes. ...

Action by Governor Jerry Brown averted a BART strike at the last minute, but in all these negotiations, I have had one question ?

WHY is there NO rider's representatives at these contract negotiations ?

With a BART strike averted, now a potential AC Transit strike looms as the BART union " claims " ( as unions always do in these cases ) that MANAGEMENT has not " acted in good faith ".

But the people with the most to lose and the most affected have NO say in these talks.

The riders need a representative too as they inevitably wind up paying FOR these strikes in wage losses, time and inevitably higher fares to ride the transit system that they need to take to get to work, doctor's appointments, shopping or just get to and from a location.

I think the transit agencies of the Bay Area need to think about this and appoint someone who is NOT connected with management or the unions and have that person sit in in all negotiations and who would be empowered to have a say in these negotiations as well.

It IS the rider whose interests should be protected and who has been consistently ignored every time a strike looms.

And also why did the Governor not appoint someone who actually rides BART and not 2 union leaders to his investigative panel on the BART negotiations ?

Think about it BART, AC TRANSIT, MUNI and Governor Brown ...

Pictures from KRON 4  and KTVU news sites.

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