Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It is time for the state to ban strikes by public transit workers ...

There is a provision in California law that bans strikes if a public safety issue is involved.

Transit IS a public safety issue, no matter what the transit union thug types may think AND the politicians of the SF Bay Area ( who are symbiotically linked to them ) may think as well.

AND no matter what a SF State professor may think into today's Chronicle.

Negotiate and not strike SHOULD be the issue.

And never is with the extortionist tactics of transit union workers and their leaders.

These strikes cause people to have health issues.

They can't get to hospitals, doctors or get needed medication and in one case I know of personally, led to a stroke by a 94 year old senior because her care worker could not attend to her because BART went on strike.

That person was my aged Mother who is almost blind and deaf and became so agitated that she had a stroke over the lack of care.

One of these days a transit strike is going to kill some elderly person or someone who has a need for dialysis or insulin and dies because they couldn't get to medical care.

Transit is NOT just something to go to and from to get to somewhere.

It IS an essential public service just like fire and police and there needs to be a new law banning strikes by transit workers statewide.

Can one of our local or state legislators have the courage to step up and actually propose such a law and not be a lapdog for union interests ?

Probably not.

But I don't see anyone proposing such a law and it is long overdue.

And WHY do we ALWAYS hear from unionists that they " don't WANT to strike " ?

If they didn't WANT to strike, they wouldn't even think of doing so.

It's time for union workers to quit saying that they don't WANT to strike when everyone else KNOWS that they do.

Knock it off.

It's disengenuous and a bare faced LIE as well.

Pics from KRON 4 & KTVU among others.

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