Saturday, April 27, 2013

Why doesn't the McDonald's in the Martinez Wal Mart get it ? Some people do not have an obvious handicap & need to walk with a cart.

Picture of the Martinez Wal Mart
Rude female employee & won't allow carts in their " restaurant " when its the CUSTOMER who helps pay their salary ? WTF ?
I shop in this Wal Mart several times a month. I've been shopping in it since the store opened over 10 years ago.

There are times when there are no electric wheelchairs available or when I am using a shopping cart and have to lean on it because my bad knee is swelling up. I normally have my cane with me but didn't today because I had to go home with my purchases using my bicycle.

I went into the McDonald's yesterday while leaning on my cart. Normally I would be in an electric wheelchair but I'd been using the last one and when I was done with it I left it so someone else could use it.

I wanted to buy a small chicken sandwich & get a glass of water to take my pills which I'd just gotten from the pharmacy.

So I walked up to the counter & instead of the woman employee saying something like :

" Hello, how may I help you or Welcome to McDonald's, how may I help you ? "

I got a rude sounding and terse statement of two words :

" NO CARTS ! "

I told the woman I was disabled and needed to lean on the cart and would use one if I had to when I went into their " restaurant " and that her attitude was terrible and I would NOT be buying anything today because of her.

She proceeded to walk away from the counter without saying a word to me.

The other employee, a young male, apologized and said HE was sorry and would be happy to serve me. I thanked him but said I wouldn't be buying anything because I was sooo mad over her rudeness and left.

Who trains these people to be so rude ? Or does it come naturally for them ?

And don't these people realize that some people may need a cart in order to WALK or lean on due to their disability ?

I mentioned this to the door greeter when I left but by this time my leg was killing me with pain & I didn't want to wait to talk to a manager. He said that seniors who shop there lean on carts to when they go into McDonalds. I happen to BE a senior too. He said he'd tell a manager about my problem & said there was NO excuse for her rudeness.

He was black and very nice and presented a proper attitude and I commend him for it.

I WILL follow up on this on Monday with both the Wal Mart and McDonald's.

Why is the Martinez Wal Mart always OUT of products ? 10+ years & nothing has changed !!!

Store is continually out of this ! I'm tired of having to drive 30 miles to get it !

Store is all too frequently out of this.
 The Wal Mart where I live is :

Continually out of product like :

frozen chicken thighs
Wal Mart's Golden Peach and Strawberry bottled water
Cafe Vienna instant coffee
the cat treats my cat likes
clothes for women in plus sizes ( never ! )
shorts for men in large sizes ( never ! )
other clothing

Furthermore, they never have plus sizes for women. My gf is very busty & she can NEVER find any clothes at this store. Yet there are incredibly FAT women who constantly prowl the aisles of this store so I wonder where the women get their clothes.

I have the same problem. I can't find long underwear bottoms in my size, yet they sell tops. No regular underwear yet they sell tshirts in big sizes. No shorts in my size & I have to settle for wearing swim trunks.

We've driven as far away as Fairfield, Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon and Fremont and find things that this store never carries or is continually out of.

I've mentioned this to managers and the long time manager of the store on multiple occasions yet after 10+ years of being open, they still don't order enough product and the shelves are constantly empty on certain items.

Other stores DON'T have any problem with getting product, WHY does this one ?

This store also has a terrible selection of Blu Ray movies for sale. Other Wal Marts have big selections and even bins of Blu Rays and ones for as low as $ 5. But NOT this one.

No store should be continually out of product like this one is.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Whom is the Mother of the Boston Bombers trying to kid ? The media loves her because she blames AMERIKA ! ...


The Mother ( and the Father ) of the accused Boston Bombers now says AMERIKA ruined her sons & that they are innocent.

The Father says they were set up.

Yet there is video according to authorities which shows one of them planting one of the bombs.

They're shown with backpacks on their backs one minute and gone the next.

They killed a MIT cop for his gun.

And killed an 8 year old kid who plead for peace.

And a promising Chinese student while they maimed hundreds.

The lamestreams are eating this up because she blames eeeeevil AMERIKA for ruining her kids.

Well, both of you idiots should know something.

Your sons were losers and one of them was a bully who beat his wife, called her a slut and a whore and had been arrested for beating a previous girlfriend.

Your older son was killed in a shootout with police.

Your younger son ADMITTED that he did the bombings with his older brother.

Your younger son ran over your older son.

WE now call him speedbump.

YOUR sons built bombs to KILL people who never knew them, nor did anything to them.

They maimed hundreds, killed a cop for his gun and more.

Did AMERIKA teach them to KILL ?


Did YOU both FAIL as parents ?

YES !!!!

Do you care that they killed people ?

Probably not.


Do you really think Americans are that stupid to BUY your bullshit ?

America's NOT at fault. We gave them a chance to go to college. We helped pay welfare to the older bomber and his wife and child. America and Americans welcomed your two loser jerks. They whined how they had no friends. It's their fault and YOURS for raising a couple of useless asswipes who were destined to die for their false assumptions about US.

I know you cannot face the fact that your sons were losers, killers and jerks.

But they were and a lot more.

No one in their right mind ( except for those who are Muslim terrorist apologists ) would believe these clowns would be set up.

Get over it and shut the hell up.

I hope your oldest son burns in hell or wherever in the universe bad Muslims go when they're shot to death in a shootout by brave AMERICAN police.

I hope your youngest son gets the death penalty and NO life sentence.

Your sons were evil and assholes !

I have one other thing to say.

FUCK YOU & your Islamist scumbag sons.

Stay in Checnya and go away and don't stay here. We don't want someone as deluded as the both of you clearly are.

Picture to the right from Fox News today and pictures of some of their victims as well.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Big Johnny Came To Town Buys A King Size Bed Crazy Craigslist Stories ...

One of the funniest and greatest posts on You Tube. I was laughing like crazy !

Glendon Cameron is the best person who tells the truth about buying storage units, garage sales and so much more. He's honest and doesn't do videos that spend endless minutes babbling with NO information or showing you views of some FOOL driving TO a storage locker. There's soooo many videos on You Tube that WASTE your time and tell you nothing. Glendon doesn't do that. Go check him out. YOU *** WILL *** learn things that WILL make you money and change your life for the better.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Yet another baseball season and ...

It's the dawn of a new baseball season.

Here in the San Francsico Bay Area it's pouring rain and local fans await to see if the Commissioner is going to stop dawdling and decide once and for all if the Oakland A's get to move out of their ancient stadium to San Jose.

Meanwhile, back in the 'Burgh, hope springs eternal as the 'Bucs fans wish for a winning season but will settle for 3rd.

So, as I've said since my first game at the age of 3 ...


I wuz robbed !

I had to start a new blog because some jagoff hacked my old one and Google deleted it.

I LOVED my old blog and had it for 5 years.

It's been too long since I've posted about my beloved 'burgh, the Bucs, the Stillers and the Penguins.