Saturday, April 27, 2013

Why is the Martinez Wal Mart always OUT of products ? 10+ years & nothing has changed !!!

Store is continually out of this ! I'm tired of having to drive 30 miles to get it !

Store is all too frequently out of this.
 The Wal Mart where I live is :

Continually out of product like :

frozen chicken thighs
Wal Mart's Golden Peach and Strawberry bottled water
Cafe Vienna instant coffee
the cat treats my cat likes
clothes for women in plus sizes ( never ! )
shorts for men in large sizes ( never ! )
other clothing

Furthermore, they never have plus sizes for women. My gf is very busty & she can NEVER find any clothes at this store. Yet there are incredibly FAT women who constantly prowl the aisles of this store so I wonder where the women get their clothes.

I have the same problem. I can't find long underwear bottoms in my size, yet they sell tops. No regular underwear yet they sell tshirts in big sizes. No shorts in my size & I have to settle for wearing swim trunks.

We've driven as far away as Fairfield, Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon and Fremont and find things that this store never carries or is continually out of.

I've mentioned this to managers and the long time manager of the store on multiple occasions yet after 10+ years of being open, they still don't order enough product and the shelves are constantly empty on certain items.

Other stores DON'T have any problem with getting product, WHY does this one ?

This store also has a terrible selection of Blu Ray movies for sale. Other Wal Marts have big selections and even bins of Blu Rays and ones for as low as $ 5. But NOT this one.

No store should be continually out of product like this one is.


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