Saturday, April 27, 2013

Why doesn't the McDonald's in the Martinez Wal Mart get it ? Some people do not have an obvious handicap & need to walk with a cart.

Picture of the Martinez Wal Mart
Rude female employee & won't allow carts in their " restaurant " when its the CUSTOMER who helps pay their salary ? WTF ?
I shop in this Wal Mart several times a month. I've been shopping in it since the store opened over 10 years ago.

There are times when there are no electric wheelchairs available or when I am using a shopping cart and have to lean on it because my bad knee is swelling up. I normally have my cane with me but didn't today because I had to go home with my purchases using my bicycle.

I went into the McDonald's yesterday while leaning on my cart. Normally I would be in an electric wheelchair but I'd been using the last one and when I was done with it I left it so someone else could use it.

I wanted to buy a small chicken sandwich & get a glass of water to take my pills which I'd just gotten from the pharmacy.

So I walked up to the counter & instead of the woman employee saying something like :

" Hello, how may I help you or Welcome to McDonald's, how may I help you ? "

I got a rude sounding and terse statement of two words :

" NO CARTS ! "

I told the woman I was disabled and needed to lean on the cart and would use one if I had to when I went into their " restaurant " and that her attitude was terrible and I would NOT be buying anything today because of her.

She proceeded to walk away from the counter without saying a word to me.

The other employee, a young male, apologized and said HE was sorry and would be happy to serve me. I thanked him but said I wouldn't be buying anything because I was sooo mad over her rudeness and left.

Who trains these people to be so rude ? Or does it come naturally for them ?

And don't these people realize that some people may need a cart in order to WALK or lean on due to their disability ?

I mentioned this to the door greeter when I left but by this time my leg was killing me with pain & I didn't want to wait to talk to a manager. He said that seniors who shop there lean on carts to when they go into McDonalds. I happen to BE a senior too. He said he'd tell a manager about my problem & said there was NO excuse for her rudeness.

He was black and very nice and presented a proper attitude and I commend him for it.

I WILL follow up on this on Monday with both the Wal Mart and McDonald's.

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