Thursday, April 25, 2013

Whom is the Mother of the Boston Bombers trying to kid ? The media loves her because she blames AMERIKA ! ...


The Mother ( and the Father ) of the accused Boston Bombers now says AMERIKA ruined her sons & that they are innocent.

The Father says they were set up.

Yet there is video according to authorities which shows one of them planting one of the bombs.

They're shown with backpacks on their backs one minute and gone the next.

They killed a MIT cop for his gun.

And killed an 8 year old kid who plead for peace.

And a promising Chinese student while they maimed hundreds.

The lamestreams are eating this up because she blames eeeeevil AMERIKA for ruining her kids.

Well, both of you idiots should know something.

Your sons were losers and one of them was a bully who beat his wife, called her a slut and a whore and had been arrested for beating a previous girlfriend.

Your older son was killed in a shootout with police.

Your younger son ADMITTED that he did the bombings with his older brother.

Your younger son ran over your older son.

WE now call him speedbump.

YOUR sons built bombs to KILL people who never knew them, nor did anything to them.

They maimed hundreds, killed a cop for his gun and more.

Did AMERIKA teach them to KILL ?


Did YOU both FAIL as parents ?

YES !!!!

Do you care that they killed people ?

Probably not.


Do you really think Americans are that stupid to BUY your bullshit ?

America's NOT at fault. We gave them a chance to go to college. We helped pay welfare to the older bomber and his wife and child. America and Americans welcomed your two loser jerks. They whined how they had no friends. It's their fault and YOURS for raising a couple of useless asswipes who were destined to die for their false assumptions about US.

I know you cannot face the fact that your sons were losers, killers and jerks.

But they were and a lot more.

No one in their right mind ( except for those who are Muslim terrorist apologists ) would believe these clowns would be set up.

Get over it and shut the hell up.

I hope your oldest son burns in hell or wherever in the universe bad Muslims go when they're shot to death in a shootout by brave AMERICAN police.

I hope your youngest son gets the death penalty and NO life sentence.

Your sons were evil and assholes !

I have one other thing to say.

FUCK YOU & your Islamist scumbag sons.

Stay in Checnya and go away and don't stay here. We don't want someone as deluded as the both of you clearly are.

Picture to the right from Fox News today and pictures of some of their victims as well.

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