Friday, August 26, 2016

Pictures of Bubba Paris, SF Forty Niner Legend at the Martinez, Ca. Walmart.

I had too much to carry as I had taken this huge bag of cans & bottles to recycle down the street only to find they closed the recycling center, so I had to lug the bag about 5 blocks to Wal Mart to do my shopping and walked in & saw...

legendary player Bubba Paris who played for the San Francisco Forty Niners & who attended the University of Michigan. This was spontaneous & a spur of the moment thing & NOT planned  but we had fun with it.

Really nice guy & people loved talking to him.
No one was there when I walked in.
I hope my talking to him got people to come in.
The stored was packed with shoppers waiting for a register to open up around 4 pm.

I didn't have my Ipad with me as carrying the bag would have been too much to carry.
I miss having our car just for this reason, but if we'd had a car I might not have met Mr. Paris. :)

Now, tell me again how I NEVER meet anyone who's famous...

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