Monday, July 1, 2013

It's time to FIRE public transit workers who go on strike ! The BART strike !!!

I've NEVER understood 2 things about the " relationship " between unionized transit workers and the agencies that are forced to deal with them.

Why these unionized employees hold entire cities or regions AND commuters hostage every time their contracts expire and why the agencies & the public put up with it.

There is NO requirement that transit workers be unionized.

Yet each time a contract expires with these unions, the unions either threaten to go out on strike or actually strike.

But ... they no longer have a contract so technically, they are no longer employees.

Why doesn't BART ( or Muni or AC transit ) just fire them ?

These union members are thugs.

They engage in the equivalent of extortion and hold commuters and the public as their hostages.

And disrupt the economy of cities and entire regions as a result.

Furthermore, despite what unions and liberal politicians would have YOU believe, they do NOT care for the worker as a whole.

If they did, they would continue to work and allow negotiations to continue until an agreement is reached.

Transit workers and transit systems SHOULD be considered essential public resources like fire and police service workers, who are also unionized in many cases.

People need not only to get to work, but to go to the city for medical appointments or to care for the elderly and have to travel long distances.

MY 94  year old Mother, who is frail, now won't have her caregiver because of this strike. She lives in San Francisco. Her care worker commutes from Hayward on BART.

They are NOT allowed to strike.

Neither should transit workers.

Its way past time to end the periodic extortion we are subjected to by union workers in this area, be they workers from BART, MUNI, AC Transit or elsewhere.

IF they strike, train replacement workers and replace them.


End the extortion and the greed of union workers who want huge pay raises, while thousands in the SF Bay Area have no jobs at all.

Picture from KGO 7 news.

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