Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lexmark S405 & Lexmark & their customer service both suck !!! Worst customer service in the US !!! LEXMARK SUCKS !!!

I got the printer shown below so I could scan things from magazines, print out my email and print letters. I didn't have my new Imac for a year ( long story ) and so the printer sat here and I had nothing but problems with the first printer, including being told to PRINT out a return address in my email on a printer whose printhead wouldn't work. It took 6 phone calls to these idiots before I got someone to understand the concept of sending me a PHYSICAL mailing label.

They outsource their customer service department to the Phillipines. Most of their people don't understand ENGLISH, and this from a country that used to be a possession of the US for years where most of the people SHOULD ** KNOW ** english !!

They have the worst customer service people I've ever dealt with. I can't get the damned printer to print only in black and when I tried to call them today I got another guy I could barely hear who told me that because I have an Imac, they'd have to CHARGE me to tell me HOW to print only in black.

These people SUCK !!

Their customer service people SUCK !!

I've gotten around their morons by calling their corporate office and raising hell in the past and will do so next week but I would NEVER buy one of their printers again.

Once this one dies, I'm going to an HP.

At least I hope their people can understand simple ENGLISH for G*d's sake.

Avoid these turkeys like a plague and never buy their products.

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